Light portable Solar Power for the Hikers

No doubt, portable solar power is the best energy source for camping. Hikers prefer lightweight gear. And they need powerful tools! There are some articles that teach them how to lighten their packs. As a solar power store owner, I heard following questions a lot
How can a hiker pack along portable solar power and still have light gear.

DIY solar power home

Technologies are changing on the daily base. Solar power for hikers is available in a growing number of applications now. Surfing online solar power store you may found out lots of them can be carried into the most remote areas with little effort.
What can you power with these lightweight portable solar power gears

Here¡¯s a partial list of devices for which hikers need solar power.
Cell phone PDA digital camera digital camcorder laptop computer GPS unit Cooker Mp4
You may believe you have no need for portable solar power. You start out with everything fully charged. In an emergency, solar power generators can be a life saver, you will be glad you have solar power to recharge a dying cell phone or GPS unit
Besides useful£¬portable solar power generators are also environmental friendly gears. Since solar energy is a clean form of energy, hikers can be assured that you are not going to cause the environment any harm by using it.
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